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: The person I am referring to lives in South Texas, and supposedly, has several felony counts against them. I am wondering who I can check with to verify this information.

Also, who would you check with to find out if a warrant has been served?

Thanks so much!
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: If it is a local matter call th warrants division of the local sherrif and local police departments . I don't know who you would call in a federal crme. Criminal defense attorneys usually have access to a database of all warrants in the state
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: Do background check on them. It will cost to get that information
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: The first question you would be asked is: Are you the person named in the warrant? If you aren't, you get nothing. Only an officer can arrest on a warrant, so you have no need to know. If you are the person named in the warrant, the police will be glad to let you know.
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: You would contact the clerk of court in the county in which you think the crime occurred. If a warrant were served the person would be in jail or out on bail with a trial pending. If you want to snitch on him then call the sherrif's office and tell them you think you know the whereabouts of a wanted felon.
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: If you know the city or county check their web site most have their warrants posted on line for all to see.
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: Many of the sheriff's in Texas provide an online warrant database where you can search records by name. They will often list a name, photo, date of birth, and charges. Some of the local police departments will provide this information online as well. There are also some county attorney's that provide a hot check warrant listing online. Texas also has statewide warrant databases online for child support evaders, DEA wanted persons, and Department of Public Safety's wanted fugitives. If no database is provided for where you think this person may have warrants issued, you can contact the local authority.
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