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: If I cant sue, how in the world can it be stopped or how can I fire back when they wont even give me the time of day to hear me. Been on my job 13 years and all the sudden they look at me as an enemy because of someone who got into all kinds of trouble and had to be removed from where she worked and placed in our home and now making her new boss tired

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: A very similar thing happened to my husband last year.

The first step is to decide if you love your job enough to want to work for management who would suddenly turn on your after 13 steady years of faultless employment. What does that say about the boss's character?

If you do decide you want to stay, you need to document everything you do. This can take the form of keeping a journal at home in which you write down everything you did that day, and can include photos you take with your camera or cell phone if applicable. Also, document any statements this employee makes to you that constitute threats, or boasting about how she is going to get you fired, etc.

Finally, after you document that for a solid month, make a sit down appointment to talk with your boss. If your boss won't meet, document everything in a detailed letter, and send it to her.

Be prepared to find another job.

My husband loved his job and had worked at the place for 9 1/2 years when a new manager was hired who set about targeting my husband and making it impossible for him to do his job. Even though the manager above this manager knew what was going on, he still chose to continue giving this manager more time, and more chances. Finally, my husband resigned.

Six months later, the manager who had been hired was fired, for theft.

My husband has since moved on to another job.
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: You could talk to an employment law attorney who represents employees (as opposed to one who represents employers). The attorney might, however, charge you for his//her time. Ask about that when you call for an appointment.

If you were to be fired as a result, you could probably sue for tortious interference with contract. However, it would be better if the problem could be solved now.
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