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: It is the worst mistake I have ever made. Im 16 and this is my first offence, the value of the merchandise was $60 at kmart. When leaving the store loss prevention tried stopping me and some friends, long story short I ran to my car and left. Somehow they got my plates and when I got home cops were there and i got arrested. What can i expect in court? Will tapes be shown? Do I need a lawyer?

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: When the police arrested you, did they not say you have a right to be silent and you have a right to a lawyer either of your choice or from the government? Of course you need a lawyer, you should get one for free.

With regards to what to expect in court, i guess for a first minor offence like this you would probably just have to do social service (though this varies from country to country). I am sorry that this has happened, just be strong, let this be a lesson for you not to steal anymore and in couple of years time you will forget about it.
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: I highly doubt your case will ever see trial. The prosecutor will offer you a plea agreement (probably probation and a fine), and you'll take it...or risk jail time on a case you probably can't win. Keep your nose clean, finish your probation or community service, and pay your fine. In a couple years you can have your record expunged.
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: I have a friend who is a retail theft consultant and answers such questions privately for no fee. He says yes you need a Lawyer an dyes tapes can be shown. You are in serious trouble and need an Attorney. When you meet with these Attorneys ask them, about options like ACD or diversion. He adds that is was unwise to name store on public forum
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